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Originally Posted by soboy View Post
I am really enjoying your RR so far. Having grown up on small bikes, about 5 years ago I re-discovered the joy of riding slower and actually seeing things instead of everything being one big blur! Question for you: it seems you are having a lot of chain stretch issues - are these non-O ring chains? I've never ridden a very small bike the kind of miles you are, so I just don't have any experience with this, but it seems you are experiencing daily chain issues. On my last four O-ring chain bikes, I put over 50,000 miles on the four and other than on rear tire changes, never had to adjust a chain. I've had to adjust the non-O-ring chains on my son's dirt bikes far more often than on my O-ring equipped street bikes and dual sports.
Yes, the stock chains are non-O-ring chains. We knew from other riders (Dabinche's Alaska trip primarily) that the stock chains weren't up to the trip. Knowing this, we purchased replacement chains before we started the trip. I bought a couple of RK O-ring chains and 4 spare clip-type masterlinks. Our hope was that the stock chains would at least last until we made it to North Carolina, but no. I don't know why the stock ones failed as fast as they did. Since we bought the bikes I have always kept them adjusted and lubed. They did, however, sit on the showroom floor for more than a year before we bought them. We are both carrying between 50 and 60 pounds of gear, but I still thought we would get at least 4000 miles out of the stockers. We have over 1000 miles on the new ones and they haven't required a single adjustment.

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