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What a book!

Heya Jenny!

Well what can I say... boredom at work [break in operations] left me trawling the internet ... attempting to satisfy my thirst for anything motorbike or desert related...

Aside from accidentally picking up a second fully built Rally BIke [ex HT Honda...for a very meagre sum...think along the lines of how much a single new engine would cost!! [yes you read that right!] damned eBay comfort shopping!! I thought to myself... I cant keep finding bargains on eBay and thinking i need to have that!

So in a vain attempt to not spend money like water...I just sat for the last 3 shifts and read every single post in succession... my brain is fried, but some pretty bloody good ideas did drift through the smoky stuff and enter my thick skull along the way Just a shame that it wasn't the fairytale ending you and everyone here had hoped for..

Cracking read and all the lessons learned / experiences along the way were really good food for the mind.

I'm a riding partner of Toby and Jago [This year's debutants for Patsy and Desert Rose!], who I'm sure have hunted you down for info on the Yamaha and JVO kits.. Been riding with them since I started as a green nooby with Patsy in May of last year.. since then, it's been balls to the wall with the biking and have been on practically everything i can, when not on my trips offshore, in West Africa..

Needless to say, over the last few months, rumblings amongst the DRR crowd have been angled towards discussions of do you think you will? when? you have someone to ride with? ... I'm sure you know what's coming next.. as the inevitable aura of indestructability and swagger from being totally hooked on the desert, rolls out in front of me.. [the last year living and riding in Johannesburg helped!]

I have pretty much locked myself into countdown..something like 16 months now is it?! Applications in May you say?! Best get a move on then! Not sure what your plans are, but I'm going to be heading out to Morocco with Patsy, once I get back form sunny Liberia sometime in September.. Plan is 1 week of touring with a crowd of her customers, then a week of race training [I think Jago and Toby could well be there... here's hoping it's a shakedown ride on their spanky new bikes!] then Ill be staying on to have a bash at the Merzouga Rally as it ties in quite nicely...

If you are planning to come along..would be good to have a chat and a bullshit, as im sure there will be plenty of tales coming from all around the campfire! Otherwise... if you need someone for training adventures in the next year or so, dont be shy about dropping me a line.. i usually work 1 month on and then month off.. and the off time is dedicated to 2 wheels! Im sure if you speak with Patsy she'll be frank and honest!

Ive just started a small thread with all the rallies and multi day events ive been able to find..and have been stunned at some of the ones that have appeared.. Eastern Europe seems to be knocking out a selection of roadbook events for under 500 of your English Sterlings...!! My plan for the next year or so, is to head for a couple of the FIM events and pad them out with some of these small, but very economical events along the way.. I have my own racetruck [another eBay bargain!] so if you do have the time / interest, youll be more than welcome to come along and race with me! To be honest, it would be great to have some company on them long drives and rallies that others might not be attending...

Well Ill sign off from there, but like i say if you are interested... PM's the word

Take it easy and hope the mend is going well
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