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Got up this morning greeted by cloudy skies and thought stuff it im staying in bed ahhh thats the life. Eventually ventured into the world well not far outside for a durrie ie a cigarette and then came back in and watched a movie, cant even tell you what it was just some Indian chick with a nice rack. the weathers good to SFA (sweet F^&k all) today so ill just pack my gear up ready to leave in the morning. Pulled my helmet apart, the sound in the Gps has been playing up so just want to redo that inside and see that its all sealed properly.

Talked to Jared my son on Skype and organized that we will meet up in Ethiopia in March next year, so basically I have 6 months to kill between here and Ethiopia, will give me time to get everywhere I want heading up that way. Jared and his mate will fly over with the soccer gear we raised while I was recovering for the kids in some schools in Ethiopia, then he will head off to Europe after we've been up to the school to donate it and ill ride on myself. Will be great to share that experience with him.

Just had a walk down the shops to get some dinner and now its pissing down again, oh well tomorrow im leaving rain hail or shine. Relaxing doing my blogging then will start fininshing off my packing so its an easy load up in the morning to get out of here.

I think ive decide to ride to Cape Argarlis or whatever it is, I havent even looked at it in the map I just know its >>>> that way, its the most southerly point in Africa and about 4 hours away but that plan could change im heading south west well maybe even just west from here now. Cant wait to get to Cape Town cause once I leave there and heading north i'll feel like im moving towards my first goal of getting to Europe.
Ive been in South Africa for about 2 months now or just over not even sure when I left Australia buts its been fantastic so far.

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