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Knysna to Cape L'agulhas Southern mostpoint in Africa

Most days ive been starting with what a great day so for something different I thought id start with what an absolute crap day today was, how else could you describe riding down the Garden Route through all the amazing scenary and places like George, Mossell Bay and down to Cape L'agulhas the southern most point in Africa, oh well its a tough life but someone has to do it, it's just a beautiful part of the world. The things you put yourself through I dont know if I can take much more of it, seriously though what a ride, just simply loved being on the bike today was absolutely fantastic the scenary was magic with the mountain range on the right of me and the coastal farmland and ocean on the left the road was simply just an amazing day to be riding a motorbike. As much as ive enjoyed being in Knysna and relaxing a bit I just love it when I hit the highway for a ride and today has to be one of the special days, this Garden Route certainly is an amazing part of the world. I left Knysna around 11 after saying my goodbyes to Kelly, Jacques and Alf.

Jacques has a pretty inspiring story of turning his life around from crime, drugs being stabbed basically heading into a world of oblivion, its not always trucks or accidents that give us hurdles we need to jump in the world, it was great to hear his story and thanks for sharing it with me Jacques, its all credit to you for you to be where you are and who you are today, stay strong mate and never give up the fight.

The day started pretty cruisey, slowly packed the bike up having a chat to the crew, as I packed everyone came over for a the regulation chat it went like this, pack, chat, ciggie, pack, ciggie, chat, and so it went on. Alf was an interesting man a physicist and had been invited to that big thing they built in Switzerland I dont even know what was called, the black hole machine or what ever it was, it's always amazing the people you meet everywhere they all have great stories.

He was a lecturer at universities so im guessing he must of been one of the knobs high up in the knob world to get an invite to that. Reminds me of the movie you know the one when Tom Cruise is tuning the chick and she says "you had me at hello" well im pretty sure I could of said to Alf "you LOST me at hello", ill just have a ciggie with ya mate and listen, though i only talked to him briefly at times in my stay he was a very interesting and a very nice man. He had put kids through schools and obvioulsy had some succesful business venture that took him all around the world at times over the years. As I was packing Jacque's came over with the good news that he had picked up a job on one of the local yachts, that's all good for him and Kelly which hopefully will be ongoing for him, well it's a start anyway.

Hit the road after saying my goodbyes to everyone and rode the 100 or so metres up to see Paula working at the local vet. I would of like to go back over to see Tig but by the time I rode over there and have another chat it could add on another hour so I just flicked him, thanks for the welcome into Knysna Tig was brilliant mate and the rides up through the hills and to Enrico's at Plett were awesome. Say hi to your sister.

Stopped for petrol so I guess by the time I actually got out of Knysna it was after 11 and as I wasnt travelling to far today well about 350 k's, it wasnt any big deal. Hit the highway to George is really nice riding, although the speed limits are a little slow, got clicked by one speed camera doing slightly faster than the legal limit, slightly faster yeah right I only just saw the flash as a blur as I roared past it, but hopefully I'll be out of the country by the time that arrives in the post, where do they send them anyway when you are from overseas, would be interesting to see all my tolls and and speed fines at least ill be having my pictures of me and my bike looked at by someone.

Mossell Bay was interesting, dont know what work they have there maybe they feed people to the white pointers there but the squats look alot bigger than in some of the other towns and i mean massively bigger, maybe they are just all grouped in one area but it was quite noticable, not that there is anything wrong with them, its the way they live and they are on the outskirts of every town but this one jsut looked massive and it did cross my mind what is in Mossell Bay cause it doesent look like any huge town, my immediate reaction was I guess if your going to live in a place like that it might as well be Mossell Bay, it certainly is nice there.

Kept riding stopped for some lunch at some town and servo and then hit the road again for the last 130 k's to Cape L'agulhas. Once you get off the N2 its long straight roads through alot of farm land, I couldnt tell you what alot of it was though. Some of the fields were just bright yellow and mixed with the greens and browns and the blue and white sky with the mountains in the back ground made for some pretty seriously scenic stuff. The funny thing in some spots along the road there was alot of gum trees and looked like banksia so felt right at home for that little part of the journey almost stopped to take a picture but you seen one gum tree you seen em all, it was just strange to see a native Australian tree in Africa

Finally got into Cape L'agulhas and its a nice little town, im sure if you are a fisherman and died this would be your heaven, rock fishing, beach fishing, a little harbour around the coast to get your boat outside just brilliant, since i dont fish like I used to I think id be bored shitless here in 5 minutes but seriously if your a fisho and your around here this is the spot for you.

Went down to the most southerly point did the regualtion photo thing reminded me of being home at Cape Byron the most easterly point in Australia I go up there all the time so I wasnt carried away with being there but the thought that now the trip turns north is satisfying its all towards my goal of getting to Europe now. While I was there I started talking to 3 Irish guys and a Malaysian guy who had all travelled down in a four wheel drive from Europe to Cape Town so had just finished what im about to start so talked to them for awhile. The said its all good and the only issue is north of Kenya not the first time ive heard that but ill deal with that when it comes closer, thats still 5 months away.

Anyway drove back down the road and booked into a B&B so basically im in the southern most B&B in Africa which is a little expensive at 350 Rand like 46 bucks but hey im the southern most tourist in Africa right now. anyway off to Hermason or somewhere like that Tizi from Durban gave me the tip its where the southern right whales go to breed so with any luck ill see whales shagging, oh what they are there to give birth oh well good enough excuse to hit the piss then.

Just checked my emails got one from Andy at ecotourssa and he had seen my post on Wilddogs site which is a motorcycle adventure site for all the locals and people travelling here in southern Africa, he has invited me to go for a ride with him and maybe some of his mates and have them show me around some of the less touristy spots of Cape Town how brilliant that would be. Thanks Andy look forward to it.

The roads are all good down here with great scenary to boot


Cape Agulhas southern most point in Africa

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