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Cape L'agulhas to Hermanus

Left Cape L'agulhas, pretty quiet town, not much for me here but you have to do the southern most point in Africa, now im just heading north which is heading in the right direction. Packed up nice and slowly as im only just heading down the road and hour to Hermanus, the place everyone has been telling me about, so would of liked to just ride down without getting fully kitted up but as ive purposely left no room on the bike for my safety gear I have to get it all on, which is alway wise if I did have the room I'd end up riding around Africa in boardshorts and thongs flip flops.

Headed over to the southern most point again just to redo some photos and then hopped on the bike and started heading out of town, stopped at the next town along the way and had some breakfeast lunch brunch and was just sitting there pigging out minding my own business and these two girls came over and sat down for a chat, Dez and her friend were really nice and we had a nice chat. Nice to meet you if you stop by my blog guys and hope your son went well in George with the Rugby.

After eating and chatting it was time to head off, by this time it was like 12 or 12:30 and drove about 60 k's then stopped for petrol, was just a brief stop but a couple of little black kids came up on their push bikes, I gestered to one of them to come and jump on the bike. He was a a little hesitant but standing right there so I showed him how to start it and then stopped it and said come on get on and start it for me and he just gave a really bnig smile and jumped on board and fired it up, was so funny to see his smiling face he was revving it up having a ball, all the other people in the servo were just smiling and laughing at him, sort of looked like it brightened a few peoples day, it is really nice to to see the reaction you get when the kids jump on the bike, they just love it.

Reminds me of something Issac said to me the other week on the headlands at Knysna when I gave him the Gps to play with, he just said it wasnt that many years ago that something like that would never happen that someone would hand something like that to us to have a look and hold so I guess they are getting used to change in peoples attitudes still too. Funny cause its quite normal for us in Australian I guess another one of the little things we take for granted.

Left the servo and was only about 15 more minutes to Hermanus, its a pretty town the first thing that strikes you is the mountain range behind it its very spectacular. Drove into the first town you come to in this area and it was Grotto beach its really nice down there, looks like a nice little cafe down there to have a drink lunch at right down near the water. Got off had a look around ok there was a hot chick on the beachfront that got me curious but as there were no bushes anywhere to hide in I just walked straight up to her and said hello.

Headed the few more k's over to Hermanus proper and pulled up in the car park, I guess it was like 2:30 so had plenty of time to find somewhere to sleep tonight so I just had a walk around, then ended up in this amazing beer garden down on the waterfront on a rock ledge absolutely brilliant. Had a few beers then went up and was just sitting on my bike and Ronetta from Savvy tours pulled up besides me and starts having a chat, she gives me the tip to head down the road to the Winsor Hotel, cheapish and really nice right on the water, so that was really cool didnt even have to look.

Rode around there and got a upstairs balcony room over looking the ocean for about 65 bucks aussie as much as ive spent on accomodation yet but its pretty nice with breakfeast chucked in so it looks like ill be hooking into the the standard bacon and eggs again in the morning. Settled in for the night and just chilled out my neck and back has been sore lately maybe its the cooler weather thats doing but oh well whatever.
All in all a pretty relaxing day not much of a ride but very nice all the same and im now watching whales swimming about 150 metres from my bedroom window so all really good. Was thinking of going on into Cape Town by the weekend to have a ride with Andy from Ecotours but I like the feel of this place so might stay a few days even if it is a few bucks.

Had to walk down and have a beer here to welcome myself into Hermanus

The scenary around here is nice

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