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Got up and hooked into the breakfast, if im going to be paying this amout im going to pig out, but there is just so much you can eat, you know the standard breakkie for me like eggs bacon sausages, baked beans, 10 bowls of cereal 10 peices of toast half a dozen crossiants washed down with 20 glasses of orange juice, rubbing my belly now make me feel sick thinking about it, though I must admit I do give it a shake when its free there probably looking at me thinking look at this bum eat.

Locked the bike to a chair last night and covered up it was in the back entry to the hotel so was pretty safe, its one thing im not taking for granted at any stage I lock it without fail wherever I go. Had to move rooms as the top floor unit was booked so moved directly downstairs but was actually a nicer room the shower was a ripper, it was right near the pay tv system lounge room so sat out there to watch tv as the tv in the rooms is the local rubbish and I mean rubbish.

Was a shitty day cold and wet so basically all I did was go across the road and take photographs of the whales that came in close to the rocks. Went for a walk later around town got something for dinner and more internet credit and checked out a few of the local watering holes. Had a grandpa nap and was just hanging around watching TV doing my blog and thought id go up into town and have a beer and see what was happening. Walked into Tapas where Kim from Sharklady tours had talk about, there was a few muso's playing so that was nice, pretty quiet so just sat in there had one beer then headed up the road to another place Cocos.

Was ok but was still early and was quiet so had one there then I was going to go home but walked past Tapas again and thought bugger it one more for the road. Sat down at the bar and had one then two then started talking to Petita frlom England and John from South Africa who live in Geneva Switzerland. We got on really well and were drinking like fish so was getting a little inebriated well pretty wasted actually.

Was getting pretty pissed when this Aussie girl Tracey came over and started talking to us, she had jsut finished her medical degree to become a doctor and she said that she was with the crew sitting over against the window and that shes the oldest medical student in history, I asked her how old she was and she said 39, I said yeah your right you are the oldest to which she promptly stormed off, that was so funny way to meet your lucky i even acknowlegded you Tracey being a Queenslander and all. She was there with a few other Queenslanders and other people from around the world that had volunteered their time to work in some of the local hospitals.

I bought a round of shots for us all and took theirs over to them saying this is from New South Wales to you Queenslanders. Went back over to keep drinking with John and Petita and we were getting quite hammered lots of laughs which was fun. Tracey came over and joined us for awhile then her crew were heading to back to Cocos where I was before as its a nightclub, so hung around for alittle while longer maybe and hour at Tapas. We were all going to go over but Peitia was starting to feel like she had had enough so I said my goodbyes to them and just headed over by myself.

Caught up briefly with Tracey but they were just about to leave so we had a drink then left. She was staying not far form the Windsor Hotel so I walked with her until she exited stage left. Was nice to meet you Tracey on the other side of the world good luck with your Kilanjarro climb and all your work in the hospitals and safe travels.

Got home at around 1am so not a late night but pretty hammered but ive been worse, so all good. Will go for a ride tomorrow around here somewhere, there's some amazing mountains just out of town I'm sure theres got to be some way to get up them, and that will be my mission tomorrow to find it.

The main park overlooking the ocean in Hermanus

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