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Had a really nice day today got up had the regualtion breakfeast it was quite busy in there this morning, that was good as I didnt feel like so much of a pig, they wouldnt of noticed me going back for my 20 and 21st helpings.

Just hung around for awhile, I had to move room again as I haven't been making bookings im never sure when im likely to wake up and go im out of here, I had to move to a back room which is actually good away from the main hotel and ive got the bike up an alley way in front of my door its more like a seperate little chalet so its actually really nice and you've seen one whale you've seen em all from the front rooms.

Went over to the pay tv and watched the Australian Wallabies versus the New Zealand All blacks rugby game on tv which went till about 2 then jumped on the bike and started riding to nowhere. Went over to the harbour where all the whaling boats leave from, there is a nice bar over there but wasnt going anywhere near it today after last night, just pulled up and had a look at some more whales right on the rocks just cruising around, which reminds me I have to charge my camera battery. Went back down and just rode around all the streets over that side of town and then hit the highway. I was going to turn right but at the last minute turned left and im glad I did a kilometer up the road I saw a sign scenic drive so I went upto the next break in the road did a u turn and headed back up there.

The road wound its way up the mountain side and over to the back with views over the hills which would be to the north of here, looks like nice countryside out there, eventually after a few k's I got to the top or close enough to the top where you could look both south and north, ocean one side looking all the way up to Gansbaai to Hermanus the other side over the amazing hills and mountain range what a view.

Got back on the bike and headed further up the road as it turned to dirt and sand so was ok, rode up a few more kis till I got to a gate that was shut so that was as high and as far as I was going. Had a look around and then headed back down. I might go for another ride up there tomorrow when I leave her at this stage im going to go stay at Gansbaai and do the great white shark diving from over there with either Sharklady or the Mike Rutzen Shark Diving Unlimited.

I'll get to Cape Town eventually its only an hour and a half away but this part of the world is certainly beautiful and if you want something to see you only have to walk to the window or across the road and your watching whales there just everywhere.
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