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Out to the garage for some more progress. You may or may not remember (it was 6 months ago, after all!), that I had a slight self imposed electrical issue that occurred when I grounded my my positive lead against the frame while trying to start the bike. With some help from friends, I narrowed the issue down to either a fried voltage regulator or starter relay. I decided to replace both and move on. So, I went out tonight and did so. Shiny new pieces:

I (very carefully) hooked the bike up to the car battery again and was able to get the bike fired up. It's still puking oil from every gasket and seal, but I was happy to prove that the electrical gremlin had been solved.

Next I took the valve covers off. Some oil poured out - is that normal? It seems it should be try above the head. Here are some pics. I appreciate any input or comments. Off-hand, I thought everything looked pretty good, but I'd love input from the experts.

Right side:

Left side:

I was worried that the pushrods were bent when I looked at them from above and saw this:

But after kicking the bike over a few times and watching the pushrods, it appears to be normal. Can anyone explain to me how the ends bend or swivel like that? Sorry for all the questions, I've really only torn down two strokes to this point.

Next I decided to take the exhaust off so I can start taking the cylinders apart. No issues, everything came apart nicely.

Old silencers off. Keep an eye out in the Flea Market if you need a cheap but functional set of pipes.

Old and new side by side:

Looks like the Dunstall style pipes should be a bit louder than the stockers. Next came the headers.

They look a bit dirty (and are), but overall they're in good shape without any major dings, and very few small dings. I plan to send them off to Jet Hot to get their polished coating applied to them.

By this time it was starting to get dark and lighting was suffering, so I decided to call it a night. Here's how she sits now:

I have most of tomorrow to work on it more. I'm hoping to have the cylinders apart and take a look inside. I'm anxious to see the pistons and cylinders. With 43,000 miles and everything turning over very easily and smoothly, I have no reason to believe anything will be wrong, but you never know!

More soon....
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