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Originally Posted by D.Bachtel View Post
Yesterday didn't happen, too worn out studying Zundapp offerings on the internet. Mero is still dead in the drive.
I did clean the heads up at work in the brand new green parts washer... I can do better in a sink with Dove and a toothbrush!
It was OK but I miss the old carcinogenic solvents... so much more effective.

I came home today with every intention of buttoning the heads back up and poring a cup of PB Blaster in each spark plug hole.
Letting it soak a while before attempting any movement and doing some damage.

It was warm today in Nipomo so first thing I clicked the gearshift around a bit to see if I could engage and disengage some gears. 1,N,2,3,4.
Seemed good and the more I did it the easier the snatches became! More defined. Repeatable. XLNT.

Went about spraying a bit more Liquid Wrench into the bores and decided to give each piston a solid whack with a hardwood dowel to shock the fluid into the bores.
First whack I could see the LW jump a bit, like a sonic wave. Went to the other side and did the same. The pistons began to stroke inwards. On their own. Wow.
Gave the kickstart a gentle push thru and it revealed two shiny bores with little or no scoring.
Bottom dead center, spray, top dead center, wipe, repeat. Twice. Three times. Four.
I'm gonna put the heads back on tommorrow and do a compression test.

I is one happy camper this evening, great start to the weekend.

Don in Nipomo

...I'm loving it. Keep it coming.
I ended up working 91 hours this past week and my "Zundapp working" time isn't feasable. I hoped to pull my top end off this weekend to see if my 4 month oil soak has freed up the pistons......too exhausted to think about tearing into things as I will likely do another 14 hour per day gig this coming week too.
I will just have to enjoy watching you work on yours for now.

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