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Originally Posted by TheOtherBart View Post
Let me offer a third option...I just dealt with a dragging speedometer on my Nighthawk by pulling the cluster out of the housing and squirting WD40 into every little weep hole and opening I could find. It didn't completely eliminate the problem but it did reduce it significantly, enough to satisy me for my daily rider.
I got really lucky! Finally! The GR uses a different instrument cluster than the GS's. I started taking the cluster a part and found as I got deeper into it that it all just unscrews down into the instruments.

I took it down as far as I could, cleaned what I could reach and then lubed everything. Attached my drill to the tach and it works perfectly.

Now I just need a couple of bulbs (tach light and 5th gear indicator) and I can put it back together.
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