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Gansbaai and Mike Sharkman Rutzen crashing into my bike lol

Decided to leave Hermanus today and head over to Gansbaai, got up at a reasonable hour you know about 8:30 and cruised over for breakfeast around 9 only to walk into a packed restaurant so turned straight around and headed back to my room and started packing, im not sure if I decided yesterday or whenever but ive decided to go stay over where the shark diving tours leave from. Packed the bike then headed back over for breakfeast this time and had a good pig out, after breakfast I walked back to my room put my gear on and rode off. I didnt ride far, I thought i'd go for one last look at the waterfront and when I got there the boys from Hamaan Bmw were all parked in the car park and had ridden out from Cape Town. Hung around for awhile and chatted to a few of the boys, got invited for a ride with one of the guys who is doing a charity ride for breast cancer so will contact him when I get into Cape Town.

Got on my bike to go and as I left I bent over to pull my dacks down cause it was cool and uh oh the bike started heading over, its a beast when its fully loaded with all my gear and the extra fuel well over 300 kg's, once she starts going theres no stopping her. Thats the third time shes been on her side, look no big deal, all the crash bars are great so just lowered her down onto them then jumped off. A few of the boys came over and helped me pick the baby up, one of them shouted out just like your rugby players falling over all the time, we all had a laugh got the bike back up said thanks and off I went. Felt like a bloody dickhead dropping it in front of everyone like that but as they say if the shoe fits. When I left from Sydney airport the bike with only my riding gear strapped to the bike it was 277 kilograms so plus my all my other stuff its quite heavy, fully kitted, computers, cameras, fuel and everything it would be interesting to know how heavy it actually is.

Left Hermanus and rode the 30k's to Gansbaai and headed straight down the waterfront. Came across a guy on a 650 bmw so stopped and talked to Jaco a firey from down the coast. I suggested we head up and have a beer at the Saxon Lodge as I read that it had its own bar so off we went up the road. Got a really nice friendly welcome from Dave and Caron greeted with a beer is always a good start, we all just hung around in their beautiful garden overlooking the ocean drinking beer and having a chat. Jaco had to make tracks so swapped numbers so if hes around when i go past or if im not doing anything him and his mates go for regular rides so might hook up with them. Funny thing is ive got a month to go on my visa and the amount of people im meeting its going to take me a month to get the hour and a half to Cape Town.

Unpacked my bike and decided to go for the ride over to Klienbaai where the boats leave from for the great white diving and check it all out. Came across Mike "sharkman" Rutzon's setup so went on in and knocked on the door. Sat down and had a chat with the one of the guys from there. Met Mike and had a chat for awhile but he was busy, he's off to Mozambique the morning, he is in the process of trying to teach the locals about ways they can change their habit of killing sharks for the shark fin soup the Asian people love so much, it's big business up there in Mozambique apparently as the regulation's aren't as strictly enforced as you can imagine, was nice to meet him the guys a legend and a freak free diving and putting sharks in tonic state, the stuff he does is crazy. You got to check the video out if you havent seen it "Sharkman" amazing stuff.

He left and to go and I was still inside with chatting and Mike comes running back in saying something about the bike, I got up thinking he wanted it moved to only find that he's crashed into it Hey when I thought it would be nice to bump into him thats not what I had in mind.

Had a bit of a laugh about it grabbed a picture of us standing over the bike and picked her up, I said I hope the captain of your boat is a better driver than you or we will never get out to the sharks tomorrow, he just laughed and said yeah he started yesterday. All in all pretty funny and more damage to his car than to the bike fortunately.

The crash bars and everything do a great job of protecting it. So the bikes been on its side twice in one day great stuff and no damage other than a few tiny scratches, it all add character and at least Mike Rutzon will remember me, maybe thats how he free dives with great whites he just doesent see them.

Came back and had a nice chat to Caron and Dave really nice people with good positive energy so had a nice talk about alot of things and about what Im doing why and all that stuff. I tell you, the South African people are so nice im just having a ball. Caron cooked up some lasanga for dinner, bloody nice irt was too, I was a bit hungry and some pudding which was delicious as well, continued on with our chat, had a few beers and then came back to my bloody plush room to relax and blog.

Up in the morning to go diving with the great whites with the boys so that should be interesting, the weather is going to be sunny but theres a bit of wind around so hopefully that dies down and it will be perfect.
Anyway all in all had a good day even if my bike did hit the deck twice just continue to meet amazing people everywhere I go.

The road from Hermanus to Gansbaii runs right along under the mountains before veering out to the pennisula, fantastic views, this is actually looking back towards Hermanus

Good onya Mike no wonder you free dive with white pointers you dont see them do you ha ha
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