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Even though it was hitting 95 degrees today (probably +100 in my "garage" , as seen below) I decided to pull the heads back off the Zundapp and see if I could get the pistons broke loose.

Pretty tight working area but at least everything is close....whether I like it or not.

I pulled the top end off and found that a lot of the oil I had introduced a few months ago had dissapated.

I set the transmission into 4th gear then rocked the rear wheel back and forth in an attempt to break the pistons loose. I was able to get the wheel to turn a little but must have been slipping the clutch as the pistons did not budge.

I removed the carbs, exhaust system and other misc. pieces and set aside in a container. I don't really want to go much further with anything else until I get the pistons free'd up.

I bolted back up the cylinder head, without the pushrods installed and then filled the clyinders to the brim with "Marvel Mystery" oil through the spark plug holes, then spun the plugs back in..

Now I'll check the oil level every week or so, I'll try to break things loose after a few more weeks.
My progress is like watching paint dry.....paint which I haven't applied yet.

Hopefully Inmate "D. Bachtel" and his Zundapp EL will keep us entertained......

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