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Got the air filter today (came pre-oiled, which was nice). Wow - now I know how this thing should have been running all along! Even without the auto-bystarter it starts fine. Much better than before I cleaned the carb. Also runs better. It had an off-idle bog that I thought was just the nature of the CV carb combined with the CVT, but it's gone now. I'm seeing better throttle response across the board and probably 5 mph faster. I actually had it reading 67 mph (downhill with a tail wind of course). That was scary on 10" wheels with drum brakes It pulls harder and loses less speed on hills and in headwinds though. Can't wait to see what my gas mileage is.

If anyone has trouble with these things, try to block the bystarter plungers in like I did before you spend $200 on a new one or try to do a carb swap. Remember - you can't just unplug the electrical connector because it will fail in the "cold engine start" position and be too rich once warm.

I may have problems starting it in cold weather, but it starts so well now I can't imagine it will be THAT bad.
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