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Originally Posted by disston View Post
Looks to me like you just had a blown head gasket. Can happen for various reasons. Sometimes a fault in the gasket itself. Check the two surfaces, the head and the cylinder for any imperfections. If none then put back together after cleaning and keep an eye on it. If there is a problem that caused the gasket to blow you should be able to see and/or feel it.

Are you having the heads refurbished? You should have them checked for flatness at the same time. Also have cylinders checked for same.

Should clean up. Clean them before you decide. May have to mill a bit.
Thanks disston. I'm going to try to get some better pictures when I get home on Wednesday because the photos don't show how pitted the metal is. It's not just deposits that will wipe away, there are pits up to 1/8" deep. I'll have to put the new head gasket in place and see if it looks like it will seal, but I don't think it will. I think too much material would need to be milled off to make it solid again, so I think it will have to be filled with something.

More soon....
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