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Day 1

A long time coming. That's what this next ten days is all about. Work has been long, arduous, trying, and challenging all summer long. The summer of 2011 has nearly slipped completely by. But, not this next ten days. This next ten days will be the ride of the year. I will be with my family, who I love dearly. I will also be with Hobbes. Hobbes is part of my family now and I love him dearly as well.

Meet the players. Dad. On his '86 Honda Goldwing with 91,000 miles.

And my brother, Trevor. Riding his '93 Kawasaki KLX650C with almost 20,000 miles.

Then, there's me. Riding my '11 Triumph Tiger 800XC with 2821 miles.

The odo starting shot...

My dad left Wisconsin and rode 1200 miles solo to meet me in Denver on Thursday afternoon, August 18. He showed up a little later than expected cause the wing was having some troubles. My dad described the sputtering and loss of power. We determined that his gas cap wasn't venting properly. A #40 drill bit fixed that right up. It was great to be with him on a another moto trip. We had a great one last year together from Boise to Glacier NP and back. This year proved to be even better cause little bro was gonna be along. Deer hunting season '09 was the last time we were all together.

My dad and I hardly had anytime to catch up. We had miles to make! It's about 875 miles to my house in Boise from Denver. We had to be there tomorrow night to get the vacation started. My brother only had a limited time off and we needed to meet him in Redmond, OR on Saturday.

We got on the interstate and I let dad go first to make sure the wing was running right after the gas cap mod.

As we climbed in altitude to almost 11,000 feet, the wing was losing power. We figured it was just the altitude. We were right. The old wing has emphysema. A little tough to breathe at that altitude. This is the first bike I've owned with fuel injection. Mine did just fine.

It was hot when we left Denver. The coolness of the higher altitudes was a welcome comfort. We turned North on 9 and made our way past the Green Mountain Reservoir and into Kremmling.

We headed up Gore Pass and the sunset was pretty darn good. My dad commented that no matter what way you look, it sure is purdy.

I came around the corner and was completely startled by a moose in the road! I haven't seen one in Colorado in years! Pretty neat.

I'm not quite sure what the look on my dad's face was for. Maybe just a bad picture.

We went past Finger Rock and my dad remembered my earlier ride report and agreed that "Spire of Death" would have been a much cooler name.

Time for gas, food, and beer in Yampa. We stopped at a little diner and both had BBQ burgers that hit the spot. I wasn't in the mood for heavy beer, so we got some Kokanee for the campsite a few miles down the road.

We set up camp at the Stagecoach Reservoir. It took us a minute to find it. GPS is good, but sometimes you just have to look at a map to get the lay of the land and figure out exactly where you are. $21 for a campsite! We didn't pay the extra $7 on top of that for the extra vehicle. We have four wheels. Same as a car. We only had a few beers while we listened to a coyote that was literally just down the hill for us. It was too late for a fire and tomorrow was gonna be a big day. Day 1 of the adventure is complete.
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