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Crown Bearing failure

Mine failed coming back from Spokane last summer. Two up pulling out of a gas stop when I heard a squishy sound. Oil on the rear tire. Then she dumped her guts. Only had 50, 000 km on the clock. Pulled the rear tire and a piece of bearing cage had cut the seal. Nowhere Saskatchewan 3,500kms from home. Dealer "A" 500kms the wrong way basically told me they were swamped and to piss off. Dealer "B" 1000km the right way said "yeah bring me the bike and we will talke a look".
Luckily I'm originally from Nowhere Sask and an Uncle "A" with trailer was on site in 3 hours. Uncle "B" knew a Harley shop in Regina with a mech who had BMW experience. Friday AM drop off bike. Friday PM parts shipped by bus from Dealer "B" in Winnipeg. Monday AM scooter is ready. So far so good. Made it back from Ohio and at 61,000 she's still oil tight.
PS - I thought the Ohio MOA was pretty weak...
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