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I'm begininng to get the idea that:

1. Replacing the rear bearings and/or seals might simply become part of "regular maintenance"- perhaps around 40,000 miles.

2. At minimum, an inspection every 10,000 - 15,000 miles might be warranted (earlier if the bike is often subjected to heavy loads at low speeds).

3. Do I consider this excessive?

Well, I have been used to inspecting and/or replacing wheel bearings in my HD's for years- just part of the routine, but also one that lent me a secure feeling knowing what I was rolling on.

Also, if parts for the replacement are somewhere around $150, and this happens once every 40,000 miles, say- well, then it's not off par from the expense of a chain-drive bike, without the mess and routine tightening, etc.

Am I being optimistic, stupid, or both?
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