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Day 2

We had to set an alarm on vacation!! This was gonna be one long day. We had to make it to Boise tonight. I was really looking forward to showing Dad my new house there. I've owned it since December and I've only spent about 11 weeks there cause of this Colorado thing I have going on.

We didn't have anything for breakfast at camp. Just a little coffee to jump start the day.

Just a quick jaunt back out to Highway 9 and we were making forward progress. At Oak Creek we took a small cutoff road to Hayden, CO. The cutoff road, CO 27, turned out to be a great way to start out the day. It was very scenic.

Dad was already bugging me to ride the new Tiger. He did comment that is sounded "funny". "Is that how it's supposed to sound?" "Yes dad. That's how a Triumph triple sounds!"

So I let him ride and we switched for about 10 miles. I was comfortable on the Goldwing and I knew it well. I did a trip on it back when I was in college in Wisconsin. I took it up to Upper Michigan and rode a lot of the Lake Superior coast with a buddy. He had a classic BMW. Can't quite remember what. That, for many years, was my favorite vacation I took. It was good to be back on the Wing for a bit. It sure is a comfy bike. It would have been a little better if I had my camel back off. I was a little scrunched because of the backrest.

We switched back when we got to Hwy 40. I don't think dad was ready to give the Tiger back. He loved the tranny. It's hard not to.

Soon we were in Craig, CO and it was time for food. I didn't see a dedicated breakfast joint, but the sign said "open" on a pizza place. I ran across the street and sure enough, they had a breakfast menu. It was pretty tasty too.

When I took the picture of my breakfast plate, my dad asked why I had done it. I always enjoy seeing these pictures in other people's reports. So, I was gonna go the same thing. Of course, this was the only one I remembered to take. I look at that picture and it really puts me back in that restaurant. I remember those potatoes had an awesome seasoning on them. This is going to be one of those things that I am going to remember to do on trips from now on. Not only does it add to the report, but it helps me to remember more feelings of that exact moment in time.

I took a lot of my shots from the saddle on this trip. I got pretty darn good at it. I have the camera set up on my chest strap of my backpack. The pouch has a velcro flap that makes for easy access. It also has a zipper for when the weather gets nasty. But the camera is also built for the nasty stuff too. Consequently, since a lot of shots were taken while moving, I lost the zoom function. The quality of my photos throughout this report will be a little lower than usual. So, deal with it.

Lots and lots of open country out here. It just goes on for miles and miles and miles. It's on the hot side as well. I wouldn't call it wasteland, but there isn't much going on out here.

We saw this little guy while on a pee break. There was also a very low frequency pounding over the hill. We never figured out what it was. It was very, very, odd. I thought it might be a well driller or oil rig, but the sound wasn't quite right.

We are starting to near the Utah border and Dinosaur National Monument. For all my loyal readers, you'll notice that we are running the same route from here til Boise as my opening post in this thread. There's just not a lot of options out here where you can still make good time.

We have passed Vernal, UT and are now approaching Duchesne, UT. I'm pretty sure it's pronounced do-chase. We had to stop for construction and dad's meat thermometer was reading 100 degrees. Yep, it's hot in the desert in the summer.

We gassed up in Duchesne. I am still operating on maps alone. I had four BENCHMARK Atlases with me on the trip. I highly recommend this series. I looked at the map and knew where I needed to go after we left the gas station because I saw the sign for 87 North a block away. I guess I should have told dad we were taking the scenic way. He was lagging behind after I turned North and I couldn't figure out why. His GPS was telling him to do a U turn. I knew where I was and I was getting angry that dad wouldn't listen to me over his electronics. I was still really wound up from recent months of toil. He finally conceded that I knew where I was and we continued on.

We were now starting the climb up Wolf Creek Pass. Dad has improved his riding skills on the Goldwing a lot since our trip last year. But, the Wing is no match for the Tiger and I leave pokey behind while I wear the sides of my tires.

I stopped at the top to enjoy the cooler temps and wait for Dad. There was another group of bikers there too. "Jesus, you got enough shit with you?" said the douche bag in the doo-rag. "Yeah, it's a lot more than I normally carry, but I'm on a ten day road trip. Not so worried about weight." "Hey that's a nice BMW," says one of the other dickheads in the assless chaps sitting on his overpriced POS. "No, I think it's a KLR." I'd had about enough of these assholes. I started my bike and made a comment something to the effect of, "FUCK YOU! Catch me on my KLR! That is, if your bikes start and run long enough with out breaking down." I gave the ADV rider salute as I redlined out of the parking lot.

I am an ex-snowboard bum with five years under my belt in Breckenridge, CO. That being said, I've always been very interested to check out Park City, UT. Colorado and Utah have some of the best snow in the world and this was always a place that I thought I may want to live someday when I go back to an easier work life. It was getting on towards 2:00 and we hadn't eaten since breakfast. Lunch in Park City it was. I filled my Camel Back with ICE COLD water at the restaurant and we took a little drive down the main drag.

Yep, looks like a great place to party life away.

The rest of the day would be spent on the Interstate. We still had five hours to go. Dad and I were hauling ass down the mountain into Salt Lake City.

We made it almost all the way through SLC with out hitting Friday afternoon traffic. Just a bit of stop and go. Back up to speed and it's getting to be a long day. I found that I can put my feet up on the tank and the Happy Trail crash guards hold my legs. A pretty decent alternative since I don't have highway pegs.

We stopped for gas in "The Middle of Nowhere."

In my first post, I said there will be no pictures from the Interstate in Idaho. Well, here's making up for lost time.

The farmland of Idaho actually is quite pretty.

I'm ready to see my house and get off the bike for today!

The sun was setting as we only had about 50 miles to go. It was a good one.

And so concludes our 711 mile day. The longest one of the trip. Now things can start slowing down a little.
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