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Oregon, dude.... I'm going for broke.

I'm sure the Isle of Capri Hotel is fine. From my personal experience, I eastern part of Arkansas gives off bad chi, feng shui, juju... whatever you call it, starting with Helena, Arkansas just across the river. My ride yesterday started around 80 miles East of the casino`, so I had a lot more riding to do. Todays ride was a redeeming one for Arkansas.

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Great report....wished that I had the wherewials and finish the TAT 2 months ago....ahem, I bailed! Thanks for taking me long. Question: what's with the Isle of Capri ??..too rough; thievery??...unsafe?? Just curious as I might try again next year.
Is Oklahoma your mid point till next year or are you going whole Hog?

You wrote:

"Observation: Going from Semi synthetic Castrol Act-evo to Mobil full synthetic really made a noticeable difference. The engine seems to run smooth with less vibes? Not sure if its the function of refreshed oil, or that the synth actually made a difference in smoothing it out?"

Why manufacturers are using the word "synthetic" bogs my mind. Synthetic oils are in fact still Dino oils but are modified chemically.... to alter the molecular structure of the oil. Dino has a mixture of molecules( large, med, and small). While with synthetics the molecules are in consistent uniform size (whether all small or large) thus less friction. Your semi Castrol synthetuc has a mixture of both molecules(50/50). Synthetics cost more because it requires further processing to meet the criteria. Synthetics in fact do have higher shear properties.

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