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Wish my trailer had a top, and a door. My Zundapp continues to live in the converted horsey trailer I brought it home in. I keep it covered and wrapped in multiple layers when I'm not screwing with it. Really need to get the front end on and I've paid for and ordered some parts from James. Guess I bought the contents of the "missing box" the PO failed to keep track of. It's been triple digits down in Tejas for a month now, so I'm not pushing too hard. I just need to find to get a inner bearing race to press on to the lower part of the steering stem and 38 ball bearings - 6.35mm or 1/4 ". Everything else is coming from James. This will be so much better when it rolls.. .

I'll be able to get all over that thing when the oilpan isn't resting on a dolly. Got a good used alloy rim for the rear to match the front.

While waiting for parts I've continued my assessment. Got out the compressor with a simple blow hose and blew in and out of the in and outs plus the sparkplug holes. Valves (lash) were way tight at first but once I adusted them to racing clearance specs things started to pump up. Compression tester back in, kick over by hand. Got to 100 psi and holding on each side. That's all I needed to see. If I can get that without even cleaning things up a bit imagine what I'll achieve after I've serviced the head and bores. Happy again.

Keep after your penetration efforts and check out your transmission / kickstarter. See if you can find the gears.
I'll be pulling the cylinders soon, can't wait to see 5 rings in a row. What did they think this was? An aeroplane engine?

Don in Nipomo
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