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Day 3

After a restful night my own bed, in my own house, we woke up and got packed. I spoke with my neighbors and took care of a few things that needed attention around the house in my absence. Some breakfast at Micky D's and gas. Day three has begun.

We will travel from Boise, ID to Redmond, OR today. Trevor lives there and will join the adventure. A few more miles on the interstate to the Oregon border and we get off onto Hwy 26 which will take us all the way to Redmond.

We were riding along the farmland and a flock of birds flew into my Dad's path ahead of me. He got one and rolled to a stop as I rode by. About a mile later, another one fell off his bike and came to a skidding stop on the pavement. It must have gotten stuck somewhere and then fell off. I'm not sure if that is funny to anyone else, but maybe a little.

We left the irrigated farm land and entered the desert again.

We started to gain a little bit of altitude as we got close to Unity, OR. One of the fields was flooded to my right. There was a dad and his two kids on an ATV out mud bogging. I gave an entheusiastic wave. They waved back. I remember they all had the biggest smiles on their face. Pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday with the fam.

If anyone is ever near Eastern Oregon, please be sure to stop at the gas station there. See their Facebook page HERE. It is owned by motorcyclists and they cater to our needs. The guy was out at the pump with a glass cleaning wipe to get the face shield clean and we talked for more than a few minutes. They have a really good thing going there and I hope they do well. There was recently an article in one of the motorcycle publications highlighting Eastern Oregon riding. There are hundreds of miles of great off-roading trails, as well as wonderful, deserted, and twisty tarmac roads. There is a section of road just to the North of Unity they are calling "Little Dragon" after the famous "Tail of the Dragon" out East in the US. I'm gonna have to go back and run "Little Dragon." And you can bet I'll be giving these guys some business. They sell liquor there too.

Time to leave dad in the dust again and have fun with Hobbes going over the Strawberry Mountains.

Highway 26 follows the John Day river down this side of the mountain range. Mountains to my left and farmland to my right.

There is a really cool canyon that climbs out of the basin just past Dayville. Another spectacular twisty section. Hobbes just eats this stuff up!

Dad didn't make it long in the lead after this photo.

I didn't get very many photos. Tough to take them when the road is so much fun!

We got gas in Mitchell, OR. Just a little old mining town. Pretty neat. The guy manning the gas pumps was a behemoth of a man. He looked he had that "old man strength" that you just don't wanna screw with. He had the change sitting on top of the pump. I sure as hell wouldn't steal from this man. You can tell from the picture just how large this man was. Look how he towers over the pumps.

Redmond is getting close!!

The first view of the Sisters Mountains as we grow closer and closer.

We made it! Trevor is in love. He met an awesome girl in Redmond. This is Kathleen and the wonderful desert she made after our meal at the little hometown brewery in Redmond.

My bro needs a bigger garage! You can't see em all, but there are seven motos in there!

Dad and two sons are finally reunited after much too long. We only had a few beers while bullshitting in the garage after a Walmart restock run. I had to do an oil change and Trevor was putting the finishing touches on his machine. I'll give him credit here. He has taken that KLX and made it an extremely capable ride. He does 2-up off road camping on it with Kathleen!!!! They got a large Big Agnes bag and share a sleeping bag to save space and weight. Wouldn't you be in love too if you found a chick that would do that with you?

I'm sure he will chime in here sometime soon, but he's got a DRZ rear shock to support both of them, a new Fischer seat, Rotopax fuel canister, "custom" angle iron highway pegs, X2 torch headlight, and I'm sure many other things I'm forgetting. He's got the street tires on for this trip and I'm thoroughly impressed with what he's done.

Time for bed. Tomorrow we head South and will be in California by dark.
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