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I'd actually like to see the tire look like new closeup on the bike (as in what they look like when i buy a brand new pair and mount them), not worn out tires. Showing how they wear over time is useful, however.

Thankyou for the info!
...i would still like to hear about some of your construction techniques and materials used in the tires???

Please try and sell me a bit on why i SHOULD pay top $ for a Mitas vrs just saying try all 3 and get back to me. Seems both you & your US distributor have the same easy going attitude on getting these tires out to the US biker. What does comparing 2 cars have anything to do with this conversation?

Is that Iowa factory going to produce motorcycle tires or just your farm stuff? Are you implying there will be much better motorcycle supply after this factory is online?

Really man, i'm trying to help you out, but...

Originally Posted by Mitas View Post
give the BMW some miles on it ...

They just start a 5000km - Trip

Please try all of the 3 mentioned tires ... donīt trust ANY promises .

Let me try to explain you the economical situation here in Europe first.
The Czech Republic is a part of the European union and NOT a cheap eastern country .
We are still producing on European machines , with people from the European Union ...we have an own Institute which is accredited by the DOT and the EU ... we are not producing in Asia ( and we wont )

Try out a Skoda Superb instead of a Passat from the European production... itīs the better one

We produce tyres since 1933 ....

We just bought the old Winnebago facility in Iowa to produce tyres ... ( does Shinko do so ???)

... what we know is that we believed in selling without any marketing activities... now ... we do something.... we adapt the marketing to the quality... not the other way.

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