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Yes, but the battery dead symptoms are completely different than the fuel pump control unit. When the small controller is burned out, happens that your starter (electric motor) is running but the engine does not start. It is also possible to have situation where the engine start for 2-3 seconds than stops (happened to me - considering I have burned several of that electronics).

So problem determination is not hard here.

in any case, keep in mind that I have completely removed the electronic module - do not remember if 2 or 3 years ago.
And have no problems with my bike, about 30 000 km done since that.

I saw that pert number of the VDO fuel pump is the same as the previous model GS where such electronic was not included in the technical design of the bike. And VDO fuel pump failore was not common issue.
usually after 120 000 km the pump dies.

that electronic module has been designed to reduce the fuel pump work load. Good idea, but not really needed considering the reliability of the VDO pump.

My suggestion is to have a permanent bypass of that module. If your bike has more than 100 000 and you plan a trip, take additional VDO pump. Pump cost is not much higher than the weak module..


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