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Originally Posted by backdrifter View Post
Thanks disston. I'm going to try to get some better pictures when I get home on Wednesday because the photos don't show how pitted the metal is. It's not just deposits that will wipe away, there are pits up to 1/8" deep. I'll have to put the new head gasket in place and see if it looks like it will seal, but I don't think it will. I think too much material would need to be milled off to make it solid again, so I think it will have to be filled with something.

More soon....
You'll have to clean it to see how deep. Maybe you can tell it's not as lite as I see it but you cann't really tell how bad. I've cleaned stuff like this, heads, with Oven Cleaner. Others have used a soak in Simple Green. Either one will discolor the metal if allowed to dry. Just look at my cylinder heads and see.

The proper fix I suppose is to have it welded up, filled with Aluminum, and then milled. I don't know anything about something like that except I take it to someone else. I do know about epoxy and such things I have done but in this instance and this machine I don't think the shadetree quicky is called for.
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