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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
i have not doubt the czechs can produce a quality product.
thankyou for your info. that labor rates are higher there than i thought.
i have never heard of a skoda and since it was pointed out that ADV is 80% american users, nor have most others.

comparisons aside, what would make your thread usefull is showing closeup detail pics of your offerings as well as very detailed info on your tires. my understanding is Germans are very detailed oriented...

most of us have never heard of Mitas or know very little. the more info and visuals you can provide the better. you work at Mitas, yes?, you must have some advertising materials and pictures you've collected? as a vendor, it's kinda expected you do the leg work, collecting pictures and posting them here. i sure do that for my vendor thread.

you did not answer the question about the Iowa factory?
The plan is to produce agricultural tires first.

eakins .... I have hundreds on my facebock account and another hundred in my picasa acc.

feel free to have a look ...
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