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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
when Moto Amore first started distributing Heidenau (same situation, no one in the US ever heard of it is well known) they had supply issues (not ordering enough and running out too quickly with long waits between the next order) and also their communications (not returning emails & calls) was not the best. maybe they hired more people to deal with the demand as the supply is better as is the communications. there are now a dozen or so dealers in the US that you can easily order a Heidenau tire from in addition directly from Moto Amore. Heidenau had to reformulate their 150-17" & front 19" K60 to remove BPA per new German regulations and thus that tire was not available for atleast a year. Moto Amore did a good job explaining the situation and why they could not get any to import.

...the 1200 GS tire size (vstrom & super tenere also use the same time) is big business in the US with the desire to use a good 50/50 on-road/off-road long lasting rear tire. This is also true for 130-17" rear tire as alot of dual-sports use this size too. Tourances are more road oriented and TCK-80 wear out too quickly. Even though the K-60 is pricey the 150-17" still sell very well as this tire does it all...

Mitas E07 could also sell extremely well in the US if you and your distributor can pull it together.

like i've said over and over...i'm trying to help you out here.

thanx for the Information ...

First .... I marked the wrong things red.

have a lock at this.... the period to establish new compounds was 4 years ... and itīs EUROPEAN LAW... this declaration has to be made every year after you declared to follow the rule... we made it since 2007 ...

Every manufacturer has to follow this ....did you ever heard about a sales stop of Michelin in EU ?

.... For sure Heidenau found passioned dealers....

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