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Still nat the Saxon Lodge Gansbaai 200k ride to nowhere today

Got up and had breakfeast then came back to my room for a little while for a bit more of a rest dont want to anything to strenuous, jumped on the bike and went for a ride to nowhere. In the end did over 200k's around here on back tracks over to the beaches along the waterfront, every turn off, little beach and village to the east of here. Was really fun, some of the tracks I rode off on I was getting a little concerned that I was miles and miles from anywhere and I hadnt packed any water or food so if i had a melt down of any sort i had a gruelling walk ahead of me, something that I am usually better at being prepared for, it take so little time to throw a few things together to make sure you are ok in any situation.

The road to the east goes to nowhere, just stops at the beach in the end and there is absolutely noone around, was good so I gave the bike a bit of a flog and took it up to just on 190k's and still had some left in it but with the panniers on and the wind blowing really strong didnt want to wind it out anymore, I know pea heart lol Was nice to see that it can get up there not probably going to get to many oppurtunities to blast it especially as usually its got all my gear on it which makes those speeds slighty suss. Ive had it up to 160 fully kitted but not overly interested in pressing my luck just for the sake of seeing where a speedo needle can go to.

While I was driving saw this weird looking cat like creature, ill have to ask about it it looked sort of like a normal cat but the weirdest markings almost tiger like. I stopped and did a uturn to take a picture but it moved off into the bush as i came back, was a bummer it was such a cool looking beast.

Drove down to Stampford which is back towards Hermanus, when you come into it you think what the `f%^k is here then you turn into it and its a really nice little town. Lots of little art and antique places sort nice feel to it, if your a chick or 70 years old you will love it here so I just kept going to find some more dirt roads to ride, and find them I did.

Ended up going off towards Walker Bay Nature reserve I think it was but as i got to the gate i took a left and followed that track. It wound back and forwards up and over the hills heading towards the coasts over a few more hills then one more big one. I was videoing one handed as I came to the top and it went to deep soft sand and I was lucky not to put the bike down but being the champion rider I am I managed to shit myself and still stay upright

I had a look at the drop down on the other side it was fairly steep and all deep sand I had a choice to make and I was in the absolute middle of nowhere probably 10 k's to the nearest person so I hardened up and took it on knowing full well it was going to be a mission to get back up as going down was hard enough. As I got to the bottom I was thinking to myself what have I done, I used to race motorcross in the good old days and wasnt half bad but riding an 800cc motorbike with full panniers probably weighing 250 kilos is a tad harder to handle in deep sand then a 125 or 250 motorcross bike. I thought oh well ive done it now ill deal with it when I have to and kept riding towards the coast.

The track started to get really sandy and as I already had one place I knew would be tough i dogged it and turned around about a k or 2 from the coastline. Oh well all good rode back and heres that sandy steep hill, I stopped about 100 metres from it sussing out the best line of attack and decided on speed and up on the pegs leaning back was`the way to go and away I went. Got right to the top almost before I lost it and nearly went over but managed to keep the revs up so got stuck into it and bashed up the last little bit walking beside the bike.

Phew that was good always nice to get through something like that on your first attempt. Got off to have a look back at what i just rode in and was pretty chuffed with myself for getting through it actually, it was more relief be stuffed if I wanted to be stuck out here in the afternoon all by myself no water no food, I really need to pack something when im going for rides just in case as when i do these local rides i am looking to find the off the beaten track stuff.

Anyway got home had a chat to Caron im not sure what im doing i like it here but have to head off soon, im pretty sure ive only got three more weeks on my visa so better start making headway soon. Cape Town is only two hours away and the Namibian border is 657k's from Cape Town so i can get there pretty quick if i need to. everyone keeps telling me ill like Cape Town maybe I will maybe I wont time will tell, might get up in the morning and see how im feeling might ride in there tomorrow if not definately the next day, whatever day that is. I had planned to be there by last Friday so i will have spent a week around Hermanus and Gansbaai and the shark diving at Kliensbaai ill never forget i probably should do it again before i leave the area.

Feel a bit of a sore throat coming on where the hell did that come from its probably from sucking in to many bugs on my 200k ride today. Anyway night time over and out.
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