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So, I needed a way to mount an EZ-PASS without some ridickulous contraption on my handlebars. And cheap. And quick to remove. No RAM mount overkill > I only need it a few days a year. I found a bicycle map case that mounts to handlebars east schmeasy. Its made by Detours, and its called a Clipper. Buy one at a local bicycle shop or on the internets somewhere. $15

Heres how it works.

Step 1: Buy the Clipper.
Step 2: Go out in the garage and steal your wife's EZ-Pass.
Step 3: Put your junk in that box:

Step 4: Stretch this little guy around your bars:

Step 5: And 'clip' it on. Clipper, get it?

Now, when you stop to take a whiz at the rest stop, you can just pop it off real quick and stick it in your pocket. Cause there is ALWAYS that one dude loitering around the rest stop looking at your bike. I went a whole post without saying sh*t.
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