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Originally Posted by rockinrog View Post
So if someone wanted the E07 in 150/70/17 how would they go about purchasing one?
+1, I too would like to know. I am currently using a similar tire, but I am very unimpressed with it, although it's expensive, it should be good
Also, OP, don't take this the wrong way, but your way of promoting these tires rubbed me the wrong way. I am aware that you know more about tires than I or others do, but showing off doesn't attract you clients. Educating them it will...

I came to your thread because I am genuinely interested in these tires. However, there is little information about them, and what there is seems to be provided after numerous requests. I too don't want to check a zillion websites in order to find information that it should be in this thread. I know it's hard to make everyone feel at home, but how about you try ?

Lastly, have you considered making a true-ish dual-sport 120/17 front tire? There's a potentially big market out there.

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