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Originally Posted by c.vestal View Post
I and a couple others are researching options in loosely following this year. Then goal is media support for Ned. The new route this year makes logistics more challenging than previous in SA.

Here is a short list of info/issues we have found to this point in time.

- Press passes are being cracked down by the ASO. ex. buy a press pass and use is as a cheaper alternative to get a mechanic in. Rumor is credential check to confirm you represent a real media source. Also I think the costs thrown out there in the recent posts, are low. I feel our outside team is technically a press/media group and want to explore options more. Though our role is simply a hand off when we can see Ned or his mechanic. We are thinking receive media cards, verbal and written messages, spent batteries... Hand them new media cards, fresh batteries, ect. This can happen at no cost since those with access can simply exit the bivy. We do not need to go in but it would be cool.

- We are currently looking for a RV or van to rent:
Plus: Share drivers, no worries on having to find a bed each night, overall safer.
Minus: the couple rental places we found will not allow the RV into Peru.

- Chase on motos would be cool in theory. Not safe due to fatigue and traffic. Insert shipping costs, or rental purchase costs too.

- Purchase a vehicle:
Plus: not having to return.
Minus: cost for a reliable vehicle big, or do we get something we can walk away from in Peru. This would be a balance between reliability and cost. Unknown taxes, tariffs, ect.

- Still some unknowns for us on border crossings in whatever we travel in.

That is my aim in general as well. I do not think being on bikes is a viable option for this kind of mission. We need a big power supply to recharge cameras, phones, recorders, laptops etc, and bike space restrictions make it impossible to take all necessary things. Rotating drivers means more energy for everyone to focus on other things, we're talking about 16 days of driving more than 600km daily (average may be less but still it is a lot of distance to cover on a bike.

I believe three SIM cards with 3G or GPRS pay as you go plans for each respective country would be a nice thing to have as well.

I'll PM you as well..
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