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Hello Jim,
below is what I found today.
Actually, last time (3 yrs ago) when I compared prices
I had 122 euro the electronic
and 220 euro the fuel pump.

What I see now, the electronic cost is lower.

In any case, comparing the duration against cost of the parts it is much cheaper and reliable to stop replacing the electronic module.
For me that part lasts in medium 17 000 km. The pump should last at least 6 times longer.
so it comes cheaper.

02 16147680379 FUEL PUMP 0.75 1 $306.54

06 16147720776 FUEL PUMP, ELECTRONIC 0.14 1 $131.59


I think if we start searching , might find lower price.

Other references on electronic module:

another thing to consider is to keep your fuel tank almost full rather than almost empty. The fuel pump is using the carburant to cool itself too.

so if carburant level is too low the pump is not cooling well and suffer.
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