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Having had enough of the high prices in Canada and wanting to get to MN for a party I pushed on to cross the border late at night.

Crossed the border into ND at a town called Portal.

It was late I just had a coffee and a 7/11 burrito to fortify myself and my GPS got me lost! Had me routed down a closed road! As I backtracked in frustration I got stopped my a Royal Canadian Mountie! I was going 70kph in a 50 zone! Fock!
It's late, about midnight, his lights were incredibly bright. Absolutely blinding they were.
He asks for license and registration I hand him my NM license and smile explaining how I was lost. I was also hoping he wouldn't push the registration issue and notice my expired NM plates!
Anyway he was a fine fellow and super courteous and gives me an escort out of town.
I got me my police escort out of town!

I wish I had the presence of mind to take pictures when those things happen.

I get to the border and cross after being questioned my a rather sad and stupid US young immigration guy.
Where do you live? Err Thailand!
Where are you coming from? Err Anchorage!
Why were you in Canada? err to get here!
He wanted to know what my job was, I told him I was retired. Retired from what?
And it went on and on. jeez!

It's now after midnight and I'm wired from the adventure with the Royal Canadian Mountie, so I push on to Minot ND.

I see lighting in the sky off in the distance.

I get to Minot around 03:00 and the edge of a big thunderstorm is whipping things up, it's wet and very windy.
I cant find a room, exhausted I go into a Denny's and nod off for a bit, and eat something, drink more coffee.

I continue on, but I'm so tired I have to stop.
After nearly getting stuck in the mud and nearly dropping the bike I find a picnic table to sleep on.

After some rest I get back on the road and get back to taking pics.

Some flooding in ND, Quite a few roads were closed.

some interesting signs along the prairie

Ellendale ND

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