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Originally Posted by ClearwaterBMW View Post
no flaming
because i wanted to
and because i've worked 100 hours/week for decades to be able to do so
i provide for my wife and daughter... and still could afford to do so
not that i have to justify it to anyone
but, you DID ask
Agreed. My schedule was supposed to be 12 on, 12 off, 12 on, 84 off, 12 on, 12 off, 12 on, 60 off. When I decided that I wanted to propose, I was working 9 days straight (24 hrs) with 12 off and then a bunch of days in a row again. did this for a few weeks and paid for the ring cash.

When I started wanting to pour some money into some of the bikes I had at the time, I'd get all the overtime I could get plus picked up a second job.

Now, I'm working regular business hours and with the way the federal budget is, I can't get overtime so I spend what i I can, when I can. That being said, if someone puts forth the effort, earns the money and takes care of their obligations, who cares what they spend on themselves. There's no rhyme or reason, look at the Lamborghini Countach. Total POS, expensive to buy and maintain, yet people lusted after them; again, no rhyme or reason. As anyone who has worked in medicine or emergency services/law enforcement can tell you, there's a lot of stress you take home. Having a healthy release is worth the cost, it sure as hell beats alcohol or drugs.

You obviously don't "get it." I feel sorry for you, you are missing out on a great aspect of motorcycling.

Now, please, move along, your ignorance is starting to upset Greg. You don't want that, just ask the last troll what happened to him when Greg showed up with a goat, some vaseline and a slice of pizza.
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