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Originally Posted by DriveShaft
So, you'd buy into changing chains every 12kmi or so or every 6kmi if you go for the cut-rate kind (between $50 and $160 bucks) and sprockets ($120 to $200) every 30kmi or so... A rear bearing every 40kmi doesn't sound so bad. The trick is, as XpadreX mentioned, to buy into preventative maintenance. That part of your intuition that says "maintenance free" is too good to be ought to listen to that more than marketing hype.

In fact, bemitten...shouldn't there also be survey about chains breaking, leaving their riders stranded?
Your prices are a little off as is the mileage. I rear bearing causing a breakdown in boo foo egypt and repaired at dealer every 40k is way too much....and this is after following the bmw maint schedule,,,there is nothing maintenance free or even maintenance cheap about anything with a BMW roundel!
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