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Originally Posted by Underboning View Post
Our bikes are also relatively low horsepower for 100ccs, 6.7hp is what the owner's manual claims and our new RK O-ring chains seem to be holding up well.
My 125 is rated at a little over 8 hp, but that's coupled with 8.3 or so M/KG's of torque, this engine pulls hard and I've been looking at getting a 480 O-ring chain.

Originally Posted by Underboning View Post
The chain cases didn't seem to add much in the way of protection to our stock chains as they were very rusty and corroded when I removed them and I had been lubing them with the Dupont Teflon chain lube religiously. Thanks for the tip on the tension as well, I'll keep give it a try.

One of our stock chains next to the replacement
Yeah it pretty evident that the stock chain is shot. You might check the chain tension with the bike off the centerstand and some weight on the bike, enough to level the swing arm. As with most of these 60's designed bikes, they seem to have their tightest chain tension with the swing arm level and parallel to the swing arm pivot and countershaft sprocket. It's the reason why I suggesting setting the chain slightly slack at the tightest point, on the centerstand. Pull the chain case plug and look at the chain while having Re sit on the bike and have her roll it forwards and backwards, I'll bet that it tightens a bit at the tight point.
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