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Originally Posted by ktmhk53
I'm still a bit concerned though, as I know of no other shaft-drive motorcycle with such a problematic FD bearing....
I don't know of another either, and I agree with the thought that other shaft drive bikes have better track records. Although, I've heard of plenty of Goldwing final drive u-joints, boots, steering head bearings, pulse coils, too. Everybody thinks they're in the worst bucket, because, that's of course the one that gives them pain.

Personally, it's the variance I'd like to see reduced. The average life expectancy I would say is quite a bit higher than the numbers being tossed around here. Not even considering the quiet masses that don't give a damn about this site, just look at the numbers people bothered to post:

-- 57kmi, NO problems
-- 42kmi, first problem
-- 15kmi, NO problems
-- 56kmi, NO problems
-- 30kmi, first problem
-- 47kmi, NO problems
-- 71kmi, NO problems
-- 93kmi, NO problems
-- 3 bikes, NO problems
-- 140kmi, NO problems
-- 52kmi, NO problems
-- 87kmi, first problem
-- 15kmi, first problem
-- 50kmi, first problem
-- 36kmi, first problem
-- 60kmi, no problems (my experience)

There are 15,000+ advriders, quite a few of whom own GS's. We've managed to produce less than 40 responses. With all the piss and vinegar in some of these members, I half expected a larger turn out.
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