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Originally Posted by hmmwv15 View Post
The 705's were another thought of mine, I like the tread pattern. However most of the "off road" riding I do is on gravel roads, and I'm afraid these would act just like street tires on gravel. Any experience?

Most of the riding I do is on the street commuting, so the 705's would probably be the best for me right now. I don't like riding the gravel roads around me anyway, they are highly washed out and it feels/sounds like my dr is falling apart beneath me. If I could find some nice flat DIRT roads I'd be set...
Gravel sucks, I ride so much on pavement and gravel mixed with hard packed dirt roads that I can't really run TKC's or 244's etc and expect more than 3K from them. The 705 on the rear is the best all rounder out there IMO. I get twice the life from them.

If tread life ain't important the Shinko 700 is pretty good on mixed roads while being slightly better on loose stuff. I'm running 700's right now but, the rear is half gone at 1500 miles. My last 705 rear went 6K easy. I'll be putting another 705 on soon, the 700 feels good but, it wears out too quick. The rear will be done by 3000 miles or so. I don't like chaiging tires that often. I did 3500 miles last month....

I do like the 700 on the front and a 705 on the rear though. Its a good mix for DS touring.
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