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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Yip this could be problematic. If you bring a foreign vehicle into Peru you have three months to get it out again or it will be seized by customs. You can import it, but the rule is you have to do that on arrival, and the duties are 40-70% , also older vehicles are not allowed to be imported. its a right PITA, ask me, I imported two bikes a couple of years ago. You find if you rent a vehicle in Peru, you cannot take it out of Peru either, so that option does not work either.

I think it may actually be cheaper to buy a vehicle in Europe and send it over with the ASO ship, that way you can still sell it when it eventually gets back. Its the easiest way around the customs peeps in Peru. Trust me when I say these guys must be the worst in South America.
So that Peru thing is going to give us trouble... I was thinking of finding an Argentinean who would be willing to follow along, and have to return with expenses paid out plus some extra for his ordeal, is that really the only option?

How about renting up to Arica and then rent another vehicle in Peru? The bad thing about this is that we will have very little time to make it right. Could you see if pickup at the border on the Peruvian side is an option? Arica is 17km from the border...

Originally Posted by SafariBerg View Post
we have spent 5 months trying to sort out a cost effective assistance vehicle solution for Dakar 2012

the only rent option is to rent in Buenos Aries and have someone drive it back to BA from Lima

no one will rent one way BA to Lima

we have done as suggested above, our truck now comes from Sweden via ASO ship and a 4x4 car direct from Australia, this is has been the cheapest and least fuss options, strange but true
There is no way I'm shipping anything over there, no dinero for starters..

Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Awesome! I will be there too, certainly the Lima section and may be chasing the race from Southern Bolivia (where our bikes will be).

Ping me closer to the time you can probably crash with us in Lima.
Will do BlueBull, I'll let you know my exact route (actually ASO will let us know) and we must hook up.!
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