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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Tserts, you should be able to rent a vehicle from Tacna, which is just this side of the border with Chile (otherside of Arica really) You could probably taxi the gap. So look at hiring to Arica and then from Tacna - That could work...

Otherwise if your Espanol is okay you could probably find a guy with a car and pay him S/.100/day maybe 200 including food and accommodation for the bloke (his problem) and he would drive you. Basically it would involve convincing some nutcase a taxi that sort of "looks" like it can maybe do the distance and off you go... Could be quite fun. Alternatively hitch up on the fly with some other dakar supporters- there are bound to be thousands, these guys are totally bonkers about Dakar in Peru as well.

Mi espanol es bastante bien so I'm not worried about being stranded or not being able to deal with the locals, on the fly transport is much more dangerous in the sense that (in order of importance) a) I might get mugged/raped/murdered b) I might get left behind (this circus moves really fast) c) I might be carrying more than I can carry on foot so I will be less flexible. Hitching up at the last minute is very risky in that I might be unable to do that and there is in plan B.
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