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Day 5
Seeley Lake to Wise River, MT
275 Miles

After waking up and sighing with relief at not getting eaten by bears, I noticed it was cold. Real frigging cold:

The roads today varied from flat out haulin' ass gravel domination, to slow 1st gear crawls over some pretty beat up routes. A local confirmed that the roads are bad in spots this year, due to the extra heavy snowfall and subsequent melt and flooding runoff. But bad in ADV terms means good, and the rough sections were a blast.

That said, you notice how there are never pics of the rough stuff? It's cause they creep up on you, and you are too busy keeping piggy upright.

Rode on and off today with a married couple from Ontario, and we exchanged some short conversations surrounding the trail. We were all having a blast. Although there was one section that I was cooking along just fine until a rock shot into my helmet near my ear (had my shield up with sunglasses on.) Damn that hurt. Damn, that REALLY hurts. Fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk thats a bee stinging the beejeezus out of my right ear!!!!!! That said, there were a LOT of bees along the route for some reason. If you are allergic, I would suggest that you bring those pen things or whatever you weaklings use. Actually, if a bee can take you out, there is no way you are manly enough for this ride. Stay home. I just happen to be genetically perfect, and take my place right on top of the food chain were I belong. Bees schmees.

For you city folks: This is what a cheeseburger looks like before it hatches:

Later in the day, I came across these 3 guys from B.C. (the Canadian province, not the time period you dummy.)

Talk about desperate measures. They were zip-tying the right footpeg back on the bike. Zip tie + footpeg = not a long term solution. I hope all worked out for the best, as I don't think we were too far from real help and tools at this point on the trail:

Mile after mile today of blissful, scenery rich, traffic free riding. You should try it someday soon:

North of Butte, you pass old decaying structures from money making days long forgotten. Very cool stuff:

Also north of Butte, you get to rock the old frontage road/railroad bed, while all the schleps in cars are stuck on I15:

After heading south from Wise River, stop at Little Joe Campground. Only 5 sites, alongside a burbling creek and river. Peaceful.

Except for one thing. There was only one other camper in the campground, and he was a very nice ex-government type, and we chatted it up a bit abould all sorts of different topics. He had been coming to this area for over 30 years, and assured me that there would be no bear problems tonight. He thought it was all just hype. But then he proceeded to tell me how he had himself shot and killed 2 of the oldest bears in Montana because of the harm they were causing. Ummm, I thought the bears weren't a problem? He reassured me about the bears. I would be fine tonight. "Its the wolves that kill stuff. Oh, and really watch out for the rattlesnakes. They are everywhere." Damn you! (Did I mention yet that this is a solo ride - as in by myself?)

Disclaimer: I meant no offense to people with allergies. I'm sure that allergies make life a bitch for you. You should kick your parents for giving you bad genes. I will wait here a minute while you go do that...............) But really, there were a lot of bees when I stopped, so be (bee) prepared if you need to.

Almost forgot. At one of my gas stops, there were retro-looking signs for sale, with snarky sayings on them. I found them delightful. Here's one:

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