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Said Randy: ...had me scared for a second as i just got word that they were off back-order and mine would be shipped as soon as the dealer recieved it. but my bike is an lc4 and not the adventure r and judging from the pic looks like it will work. can't wait!...
Yep, you'll be fine, Randy. Looks like it'll bolt right up to a Dual Sport or other non-Adventure LC4. And no worries on having the shop send it back, they're all good buds. Just wanted to post this 'cause we were told that a so-called "comfort seat" existed for the Adventure and that's what we'd ordered. Seems now it was just a mistake by someone at the parts depot. So it's just an FYI for Adventure owners - Don't bother ordering a "comfort seat".

As for seat mods, it wasn't me, but I plan to do just that.

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