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Originally Posted by ClearwaterBMW View Post
no flaming
what do you mean "crappy car exposed to elements?"
there is NOTHING "CRAPPY" about MY rig

what i spent on my rig is no secret
folks know what these things cost
and people are aware that i hacked a brand-new '11 GS-Adventure
because i wanted to
and because i've worked 100 hours/week for decades to be able to do so
i provide for my wife and daughter... and still could afford to do so
not that i have to justify it to anyone
but, you DID ask
Thanks for expanding on the logic behind the madness. My intent was not to troll, believe me.

There is nothing crappy about your set up. It is probably one of the best one can dream up. You misunderstood my point - I was calling it a crappy car, not a crappy bike with side car. It no longer rides like a bike (does not lean), but is more of a three wheeled automobile.

Based on the replies of inmates that did not take my comment as a personal attack, I now know more of what this whole side car business is all about. Without trying it, like someone mentioned, I will never fully get it.

My initial post was evident of my surprise to the cost involved in your project. Could not justify spending that much on a side car setup, but I have spent more on other things... that I felt passionate about. But some other options listed in this thread do seem more up my alley, cost wise.

Glad that you are enjoying your purchase. It sure was hard earned.

Carry on
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