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Originally Posted by simonpig View Post
Also, I busted my campfire-starting-cherry. I had a tough time of it. I thought I was doing something wrong, but after several hours, I could tell that the wood was moist since it was smoking and evaporating the water from the cut end as it burned down. It really didnít burn well at all, I had to blow on it every 5 minutes to keep an actual fire going.

If any of you hippies or manscouts out there could give me advice on doing it the right way, I would appreciate it. Off to bed now. Looking forward to a bath in the river tomorrow. (correction, bath was not had. Went a hot shower in the morning)

I'm a born cheater, find a stick, clean it off really good, take the gas cap off the bike, put stick down the hole, gather wood while it soaks up some gas, start fire with stick.

Don't forget, the western states have fire restrictions this time of year, no campfires outside of improved camp grounds and sometimes not even there. Ask a local if unsure.
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