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9-2-11 Tony Grove

So, got tired of riding the desk and looked outside checked the weather 71 degrees and sunny,I'm outta here. Welcome to Tony Grove.

This area borders on the Mt. Naomi Wilderness Area. Very nice and cool, after a hot summer.

Just clinging to life...

When my son was a little shaver about 20 years back, we went for a sunrise hike and had two bull moose, big boys, walk up on us right here at this spillway, as we were watching the sunrise. We watched very quietly, and me hoping they wouldn't come and stomp the gut's out of us. We had no good exit, so we sat there for about 40 minutes watching them strip the willow leaves off, one after another. Now just a fond memory as that little shaver is now 6' 5" and looks down on me. He's one of very few guys guys that can make a BRP look like a mini bike.

Beaver Mtn Ski Resort, not many places left around these parts where you can ski all day, all area $40, on the Greatest Snow on Earth.
Won't be long and we'll be strapping on the boards...

Until next Ride...
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