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Day 5

We woke up fairly early the next day considering how drunk we were. I didn't feel too bad either. Here's just some of the aftermath.

Our private little campground for the night.

We began the normal routine of making coffee and eating our five star freeze dried eggs. As we began to break down camp, a little black tailed deer appeared out of the woods.

At first, I scrambled cautiously to get my camera as not to miss the picture. Soon, it became apparent that this little deer was going to hang around for a bit. It spent about an hour and a half wandering in and out of our camp while we prepared for the day's ride. It was never startled by fast movements. I tried to pet it several times but she would step away once my fingers got about a foot away.

One of my tasks for the morning was to get my GoPro camera mounted. My girl bought it for me awhile ago, but I hadn't had a chance to mount it. Then, I forgot it in Boise when I went to Denver. I had it on my list of things to get while I was there and I didn't forget this time.

I wanted to do a helmet mount, but I just didn't have the right pieces. The thumbscrew I needed probably fell out back in my house somewhere. The next best thing I could come up with was to mount it to the plastic shield of my Cycra hand guards. It appeared this would work just fine. I never had a chance to do a test run, but the videos came out pretty good. The only issue was a little vibration and a terrible noise from the vibration when I get about about 7k rpms. No problem, I just picked out some fitting tunes.

We are packed and ready to go. Just one quick stop to fill up with water for the day. Water just doesn't get any better than high country runoff!

This video was shot heading South to Happy Camp, CA starting as soon as we hit the pavement from the campground. And without further adieu... My first GoPro video. Music by Social Distortion

This was going to be a great day!!

We just set out on the route that I had planned months ago. I'd been dreaming of this day. We each took responsibility for planning different parts of the adventure. Trevor wanted to do Crater Lake yesterday. We all wanted to get to the Redwoods on my dad's recommendation. That left a day to get to the Redwoods. I choose this as my responsibility. Basically, I went to Google maps and zoomed in on Northern California, and picked the squiggliest roads I could find. Boom! Done! I had no idea to expect. No previous second hand knowledge or specific road condition research. I just picked the roads that looked like the most fun based on Google maps.

I know many of you reading this may be disappointed that this particular trip isn't dirt. Well, the great majority of my trips do have some very good dirt riding and today will be great riding on the road. After all, we do own DUAL sport bikes.

We arrived in Happy Camp and made a left on 96. This was a bigger highway, but still mostly devoid of traffic. We pulled back on the pace a bit and enjoyed the scenery while the three of us rode in a group.

I stopped for a picture and there just happened to be this little sign that you'd never notice from the road.

My dad made the comment, "You know, if you take all the pictures, you aren't in any of the them!" He was totally right. I have plenty of good pics of my bike, but I'll need to wait for dad to upload his camera. Moving on, here's a pic of my brother. He's Petrol Burner BTW.

These next few pics are very typical of the 30 miles we rode on 96.

We made a left onto Scott Bar Road and the tarmac narrowed and the turns tightened. Trevor and I were starting to realize what we were in for today. The tires were warm and we were ready to go! Then...... STOP. Construction.

Trevor and I pulled into the shade and shut our bikes off. I asked the lady holding up our progress how long it would be. She said 20-30 minutes! "You sure a couple of motos can't sneak through?" "Nope." "Ok, well I guess we'll get off the bikes then." Dad showed up quickly and we all talked the 25 minutes away.

Trevor laid down on the pavement to stretch his hurt back. Sidebar-Trevor jumped off a 70 foot cliff at Punchbowl Falls near Mt. Hood Oregon the weekend before this trip. He hurt his back pretty bad and thus, is riding with a hurt back. Quite the trooper though, he never really complained the entire trip.

Dad was asking this lady all sorts of stuff she didn't know. "What kind of tree is that?" "How should I know?" We talked about guns and bears and the lady said she had one earlier in the summer holding the sign a little farther West because of a bear sighting. "What kind of gun was it?" "How should I know?"

We told her what our plan was for the day. She told us the road gets twistier! All of our eyes grew wider. Trevor's and mine for the same reason and Dad for a different reason!

During this entire 25 minutes we were stopped there was only one van that pulled up and was waiting to get past the construction. We are out in the boonies!

Soon, it was time to go. She wished us luck and we were off.

Trevor and I were flying along pretty good again. I passed this photo op and had to slam on the brakes and turn around. This is Scott River Rd and it was like this the entire 30 miles.

Trevor and I switched bikes towards the end of Scott River Road, right after I got stung in throat by a badass bee. Third time of the trip. I still have a scab as I write this a week later.

Trevor's KLX is really peppy for a 650 single! It'll keep up with the Tiger until the power band really hits at 6k. Then it's all over. But I can't ride my Triumph much faster that the KLX in the tight stuff. It will be interesting to see how they compare off road when my bro and I get together for an off road trip in the future.

Trevor on the Triumph

Trevor leaving his brother in the dust on his brother's bike.

Mt Shasta was in view for just a brief second and I never got a picture.

We turned South onto 3 and went towards Etna.

We got to Etna and were all running low on fuel and getting hungry. Our stop sign lady said there was fuel here. We had to block traffic for a second and ask a guy coming out of the post office where the Shell station was. We got gas and went just up the street to Dottie's Diner. Right when we got our food, some backpackers came in that smelled worse than us!! They were hiking the Pacific Trail. I understand smelling bad completely, but please don't stand in front of the window A/C unit and blow your stink all over the really small dining room! I think my burger tasted good, but all I could taste was B.O.

Dad left a little before us since he had to run to the hardware store for something. I don't remember what. Trevor dug out the After Bite for my bee sting and some Liquid Skin for my injured finger (don't ask).

We met up with him in Etna and headed out of town on Sawyers Bar Rd. We were soon greeted by this sign. Sounds like fun! Let's go!

I stopped here to take a picture and start the GoPro. Music by Hank Williams III.

Quite the view from up top.

Looking back towards Etna.

Trevor has a really cool tripod for his phone. It is bendy and you can shape it anyway you need to. Although, he was having one hell of a time getting it to stay anywhere. Dad and I stayed posed while Trevor fought the tripod in about five different locations on his bike. Trevor was getting frustrated while Dad and I were laughing. But, we finally got these two group photos from atop Etna Mountain Pass at almost 6000 feet.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of day five. There's a lot more to tell! I'm waiting on another two videos to upload before I can continue the story and this is a good stopping point......
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