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Eek Stuff not needed/didn't work/needs improvement

- One side of my DirtBagz was basically filled by three things: a thick quarter-zip fleece, Thor waterproof over-the-boot riding pants, and a 2-liter Platypus water container. I never used the waterproof pants because when you ride into a thunderstorm, you don't really have the time or inclination to change pants.
The fleece was quite bulky and I thought it was going to be a big waste of space until the last couple days in Oregon, where it was COLD!
The Platypus water container ended up springing a leak, otherwise it would have been a great solution. I had to fold the cap part over a bit for it to fit in the saddlebag, and apparently it couldn't handle the folding.

- I bought a "last year's model clearance" hydration pack from Fox with a 3-liter bladder. The pack is fairly nice (really nice for $40!) but the bladder cap is fiddly and always wants to cross-thread, and initially it had a really plastic taste. Tony's hydration bladder was much easier to fill and handle -- hopefully he will post the brand/model.

- My luggage consisted of DirtBagz Ranger saddlebags and a generic duffel bag on the rack. In terms of capacity and general usefulness, this is a good set-up. However, neither the DirtBagz nor my duffel are waterproof and stuff inside, even things in plastic grocery bags, got wet each of the first several days of the trip from thunderstorms. Next trip at least some of my luggage will be waterproof. (I do have a waterproof duffel, but it is a good bit larger than the one I brought.)

- Tin cake pans for oil changes. I saw these disposable tin pans at the store a few days before leaving for the trip and thought, "Oh, these look like they'll hold 2 quarts of oil, and should be handy for filter cleaning and such." Well, disposable tin pans do not retain their integrity after a few days of rough roads, so the oil change ended up leaking a fair quantity of oil into the hotel parking lot. We did much better "dumpster diving," finding some restaurant-sized vegetable oil containers.

To finish out thoughts about luggage:
- The other side saddlebag held: tools that don't fit in my 'tool tube,' spare air filter, Filterskins, NoToil filter cleaner and oil and rubber gloves, a substantial First Aid kit (fortunately barely used on this trip), snacks, riding gloves, spare rear tube (spare front tube rode on front fender).

- The duffel bag held clothes, Keen sandals, cord and clothespins for clothes-drying, toiletries, swimsuit, Benchmark map book and pages, and some rags.

- Fox hydration pack also carried my enduro jacket, baseball cap, fleece beanie cap, Nuun tablets, flashlight, PLB, sunscreen, pocketknife, sunglasses, etc.

- Strapped to the luggage rack is a large Sven Saw (collapsible camp saw). We never needed this, but I'm still glad we brought it.

Stuff I wish I had brought:
- a Sharpie or similar pen. We saw messages from other ADV folks written on the walls of some old cabins, but all we had was a ball-point pen.

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