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Gansbaai to Cape Town

Decided to leave Gansbaai today, have done the shark diving, rode the 200k's around the area up and down the coast and today was a semi decent day with a cold front due tomorrow so thought id skidattle. Had a really nice relaxing time here with Dave, Caron, Jan and the crew from Shark Diving Unlimited were all really nice. I probably would of stayed a few more nights as I wasnt feeling all that good but it was pretty expensive to be just hanging around and doing sweet fa. Its actually been the most expensive place ive stayed at in South Africa other than the lodge on the outskirts of Kruger National Park where I didnt have to pay full price so even though I'm fortunate enough to not having to worry about money to much, paying 650 rand or 85 Aussie dollars a night in a small village is a bit to steep to be just relaxing killing time.

I did 200 k's everywhere around here yesterday and other than Stamford which is an interesting village and as pretty as it is around Gansbaai there really isnt that much other than the shark diving in this neck of the woods. If I had my time again and as much as Dave and Caron were great host i'd probaby be staying in Hermanus area and coming over to the shark diving from there as its only 30k's away there is alot more restaurants, nice beer gardens, whale watching from right up close on the coast and very scenic too.

Took awhile to pack up and ended up hitting the road around 11:30am, its only a few hours into Cape Town so just started riding thinking unless somewhere exceptional jumps out at me ill get into town.

Well the wind by this time was really strong so made riding down the coast a real pain in the ass, as I was riding along today I was thinking to myself, is it ever not blowing a gale down here. Every day this week other than the day I went diving with the sharks has been absolutely rippin wind and even that day was probably 15 knots, I was thinking to myself if this keeps up im out of this part of the country real quick as scenic as it is it really just makes for bad riding and crappy days.

We have our winds at home to but this is just a real shit and there would want to be some magic days to make up for the constant gale force winds you have to put up with this all the time.. Ok there not gale force but 30 odd knot winds is annoying constantly. Im pretty sure its windy alot of the time, ive talked to quite a few motorcyclists and all of them have told of stories of the wind blowing them nearly off the road along the coast here and im guessing all of them dont just tell stories of motorbike riding in August.

The ride was slow cause of the howling wind but still very scenic all the same. Wasnt go to stop anywhere along here so kept riding till I got into Cape Town. I was going to head down to Simons Town about 40 minutes south of Cape Town but it looked like it was pouring with rain that way so stayed on straight into Cape Town. Arrived in town at 2:30pm and rode straight into the cbd to have a look around. The weather was windy and starting to rain so I thought I better start looking for somewhere to stay. As it was pouring with rain to the south I thought id head to the north. I remembered the guys I bumped into from Hamaan Bmw were all from the north of the city so I put hamaan Bmw in the Gps and started heading out of town.

Rode up the N1 and could see a ridge line with houses along it and thought it looked like a nice place to suss out for accommodation as everywhere else around here seems to pretty flat other than the massive mountain range.

Rode in off the highway and as per usual 3rd time lucky on somewhere to stay and again its really really nice. 450 rand or just under 60 bucks a night beautiful views looking back over table mountain and close to a shopping centre down the road. Susan has been teaching in Taiwan for 15 years on and off and has recently come home and seems really nice.

Will use this as a base for a little while in Cape Town i have to suss out something with my visa if im going to stay and do this breast cancer charity ride next month.

The view from the Saxxon Lodge in Gansbaai
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