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Table Mountain National Park

Another really nice breakfeast then just came back to my room and chilled out listening to the Tigers play the Sharks in the NRL. Tiges need to win to cement 4th spot for the finals next week so big game for the boys. I found a site that streams the match live from fox tv so watched the last few minutes on video. After the game I got organised and headed off to Tabe Mountain National Park for a look around. Got there and as usual it really pays to be on a bike, the parking is so easy so I got parking right at the front door of the cable car. Walked in paid the 180 rand for my ticket on the cable car and jumped on and off to the top.

Was cloudy when I arrived so the view was really limited so just had a bit of a walk around, got talking to a nice couple from East London on holidays in Cape town then heading up the west coast. He was a surfer and made boards so was good talking to him about surfing over here. Was thinking of pissing off but decided to hang around for a little while longer and im glad I did, the clouds cleared and the view was quite spectacular. Grabbed some lunch while I was up there so that was nice to relax enjoying the view eating lunch.

The one thing I did notice while I was up there was all the whinging and whining going on, oh its to cold, oh the clouds, oh the food in the restaruant wasn't good, thought of telling one whinging couple to shut the f$%k up but thought then all im doing is joining in on the whinging so I just walked to where there was no people and sat down to enjoy the view.

Decided to head down at around 4, needless to say there was a few people on the cable car whinging how crowded it was geez shut up. Got off walked the 10 metres to my bike hopped on an went for a ride along the road that runs along the base of Table Mountain. Unfortunately the road is closed due to landslips, would of been a nice ride by the look of it.

Rode down the mountain and then up the other range next to Table Mountain Signal Hill, there was some nice views back to Table Mountain from over there so grabbed a few more photos. Decided to go home as it was starting to get late so put in my Gps to avoid tollways and motorways so added about 15 k's and about 20 minutes onto the trip home but it was really nice to go through all the suburbs of Cape Town rather than just buzzing up the highway.

Stopped and got some petrol had a nice chat with a few of the boys in the service station then headed off to where im staying. Went past the shopping centre so thought id grab some chinese for dinner but since she wasnt around so i just grabbed some fried rice and honey chicken anyway, come on she was nice looking Must admit it was pretty f%^kin ordinary chinese too wont be going there again.

Got home and had a quick chat with Susan about her teaching in Taiwan and then headed up stairs to pig out on my chow. Been hanging out going through my pics etc im going to have to delete some off my pc soon its getting full otherwise go by myself a portable hard drive which im not that keen to do as its just more shit to carry.
Off to the race track tomorrow looking forward to that just to meet new people and catch up with some of the crew from the shop.

Cape Town from Table Mountain

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