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Day 1

As crazybrit mentioned, Toddler took us from Golden up to Idaho Springs, then over Saxon Mountain Road. Here's the great switchbacks view:

The switchbacks drop you down into Georgetown. From there, we went over Guanella Pass. This is now paved for most of the way, although on the north side there are a few miles of gravel. There, Toddler spooked up a little burro, which then ran across the road right in front of crazybrit:

We gassed up in Jefferson, then headed south into South Park (yes, like the one on TV).

After Todd's bird-killing incident, we hit some pavement westward to catch some fun roads into Salida. Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm and the skies opened up and dumped rain on us. We hung out in some aspen trees for a while to wait it out.

As it turned out, we should have just kept riding, as the storm seemed to be hanging out where we were, and hadn't actually rained much just a mile down the road. It did make for some great rainbows, though:

The skies were interesting over Salida, too:

Normally part of the ATTGATT crew, we fell off the wagon a few times on this trip. In this case, our gear was still all wet from the thunderstorm:

My dinner at Fritz was really good. I think Tony didn't expect quite what he got, but still enjoyed it.

Stats for Day 1:

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