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Originally Posted by Mitas View Post

I tried to collect them and to present it on one platform... (unfortunately) itīs facebook.... ( see my signature) ...
It's nice you have all that info on Facebook... luckily Facebook is not all there is Hence, I'd suggest doing here what you're doing there, after all the more online presence the better, although it comes at a cost for you. Allienating one group over another is more costly though Word of mouth here would go a long way in making more inroads in a market which would use your tires if there was access to them.

Originally Posted by Mitas View Post
worned tires are more interesting then new....
If the following sounds silly to you, please ignore it, it' s not my area of expertise, but I'll give it a shot because I need a better selection of tires, such as the E07/10. Maybe this could be a way to convince more dealers that your tires are worth selling. For example, sponsoring some riders/clubs/events/rallies/etc with tires, and showing that your tires are longer lasting, better grip, etc, might convince dealers that people who spend over $150 for a tire such as TKC/K60 would pay the same for your tires. In the end, initially, it all comes down to money given that the brand is not all that well known by most people in North-America.

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Please note ..even it doesnīt look like that .... all postings here are appreciated and will help me to understand whatīs in the riders scene in different countries.
good to know...
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